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CR Luxury is pleased to offer an exclusive package of Financial services to Los Sueños Resort & Marina owners and to small/medium sized businesses. With emphasis on our professionalism and quality of service, we guarantee a holistic procedure to ensure all your financial needs are taken care of. 

  • Special power of Attorney

  • Formation of S.A.’s

  • Other legal documents

*Legal fees will be charged extra.

Set up of services:
  • Telephone (residential and celular lines)

  • Cable or DSL Internet

  • Electricity

  • Content and liability insurance

  • Certificated Financial Statements

  • PayRoll

  • Management of municipal & regional procedures (property tax, Patents)

  • Tax Resolutions & assessments

  • Preparation and presentation of reports to institutions (CCSS, INS)

  • Income certificates

  • Cash Flow Projections Taxation (income tax D-101 form, sales tax D-104 form, Luxury Tax D-179 form, sales & income, simplified scheme, informative statement)

  • Bill Payments (phone, electricity Internet)

  • HOA dues

  • Mortgages (wire transfer will be billed extra)

*Owner must provide funds in advance to cover these items.

Weekly property inspection:
  • Leaks (plumbing fixtures, hot water tank, dishwasher washing Machine)

  • Windows and doors secured.

  • General cleanliness (insects, mildew, etc)

  • Health of plants

  • Appliances functioning (fridge, air conditioner, etc)

*Inspections reports will be kept on file, and items of concern will be communicated to owner immediately.

Crisis management and emergency response:
  • Alarms, Leaks, Fire

*Repair / clean up services will be billed extra.

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