Costa Rica is One of the Top Retirement Destinations in the World.

Costa Rica has been ranked as one of the top retirement destinations in the world, year after year. To those who have been dreaming of owning one of our luxury condos at Los Sueños Resort, the following is an informative depiction of life in this magnificent paradise. The simplicity and rich lifestyle that this region affords expats from all walks of life, is unlike anything anywhere.

Costa Rica consistently ranks amongst the best places to live based on those key elements. As a matter of fact, when it comes to renting, owning, and investing in the country, no other country on earth tops Costa Rica! The same goes for cost of living, fitting in within the country, entertainment and amenities, healthcare, and healthy lifestyle.

The country has a stable democracy and those who have been here have witnessed firsthand the peace-loving culture where “Pura Vida” (which translates into pure life) is the standard greeting to say hello, good-bye, and no worries.

Costa Rica also has an outdoor loving culture with activities from fishing, golfing, and horseback riding to hiking, diving, and yoga. Plus, there are less processed foods, and more healthy choices with an abundance of locally grown fruits, vegetables, organic eggs, and endless seafood. Most of the people who have moved to Costa Rica have shed unwanted weight, are taking less prescription drugs, and overall feel better.

Expats in Costa Rica are statistically amongst the happiest in the world, and one of the motivating factors most expressed is simply that there appears to be an increasing lack of civility back home, and, in particular, the way older individuals are treated.

Factors that differentiate us from other retirement destinations include:

* Proximity to the USA and Canada – with many direct flights from two international airports (and a third in the works); you are close to the U.S.A and Canada, (less than three hours from Miami).

* Excellent weather – from the temperate Central Valley to the beautiful tropical beaches, there is a climate to satisfy everyone.

* Top-quality healthcare – The World Health Organization praises Costa Rica for its health care system. It is ranked better than the U.S., despite spending 87 percent less on healthcare per capita. Costa Rica’s national health care system, which all residents must join, will cost you about $100 per month and that fee covers doctors’ visits and prescriptions. This national health care system is ranked among the best in the world. Of course, private insurance is also available, and most plans cover dental, optometry, and cosmetic surgery in case of an accident. Private medical insurance typically costs $100 to $200 per month.

* No other Latin American country has experienced the peaceful history and democratic stability of Costa Rica it has no army or military. Sociologists from the Happy Planet Index have written that Costa Ricans report “the highest satisfaction of life in Latin America.”

* All the comforts of home – modern shopping malls and world-class hospitals. Reliable high-speed internet is available just about everywhere. Low, low taxes- there is no income tax on foreign-earned income.

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