How to Choose A Fun Filled Costa Rica Tour?

There are plenty of tours to consider in any given region of beautiful Costa Rica, but if you don’t want to spend too much time on a tour, then one or two will likely be how many you end up attending. If that is the case, then you certainly want to make sure that the tour you go on will be the best and most entertaining tour for you and your family.

With that in mind, here are four factors to consider when choosing a tour in Costa Rica.


Tours come in either half or full-day versions. Full-day versions will last from morning to late afternoon or early evening. Half-day versions will typically last from morning to noon or from noon to early evening. Some tours will offer both versions, while others only offer just one or the other. If you prioritize to have your tour happen at a certain length or certain time of day, you can narrow down your list of possible tours to consider. There are very few tours that take place during the evening or at night.


There is no shortage of places to tour, from San Jose to Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica. Location will be of big importance to many tourists, as they will want to spend the least time possible traveling from point to point. For some of these tourists, a certain tour will be their biggest priority, thus the conversation would be about where is a viable place to rent a vacation home or hotel room. For other tourists, there may be other attractions that you might be looking forward to, as well, so a tour requiring the shortest distance to get to would be of greater importance.


Of course, tours come in many activities, from snorkeling to biking to everything in between. If you prefer some activities over others, you should have a great understanding of what you want in a tour. Families however, will have a more difficult time deciding on where they want to go for a tour, as people will always tend to have different preferences and their own definitions of what is fun.


Costa Rica is home to many wondrous sights, from beaches to volcanoes to green rainforests. You likely are looking forward to some amazing environments to take in, and this is also a reason to choose one tour over others. Some sights will be part of a tour you attend, while others you can go to right before or after the tour so you can cross two things off your personal list at once.

Why Should You Go on A Tour When in Costa Rica?

It’s one thing just to fly to Costa Rica for a number of days and explore the country on your own, but a tour is a great way to gain knowledge and experience while getting a proper introduction to a certain area that you have always wanted to visit. You’ll be traveling with a tour guide who will give you the right insight into an environment that you are new to and a tour will give you plenty of time to get acquainted with it, even if you prefer to see other sights for the remainder of your trip. A tour is something we strongly recommend when on a trip to Costa Rica.

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