Why You Should Pay For Concierge Service In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a fun tourist destination for anyone. People love to come here every year and enjoy the sights, food, and attractions that are not available anywhere else. No matter if you are a high-income individual or a family with a week of summer available, Costa Rica is always a great place for fun and memories.

If you want the very best of Costa Rica, we strongly recommend a diamond concierge service along with living in a lavish Los Suenos rental. While many families can get by just in their vacation rental, other people have found the concierge service to be incredibly worth it. Pay for this, and you essentially won’t have to pay for anything else in Costa Rica.

Here are all the details of a diamond concierge service and why it’s necessary for your vacation:


What to eat, where to eat, where to travel to eat, these are all things that you and your friends / family will have a hard time deciding on. It can take time deciding, and thus you would rather be somewhere you know where there can already be a piping hot meal waiting or you.

Thankfully, our diamond concierge team has a masterful chef that can make you anything you want at your rental property for free. Simply refer to our menu and choose what you’re craving, and you can enjoy something delicious without the travel or extra time wasted.

If you prefer to want to cook something yourself at home, you can also take advantage of our grocery service. Choose your groceries and we deliver them to you. Both of these perks are free of charge with our diamond concierge service.


You have several great options for transportation with a concierge service. As you arrive and leave Costa Rica, you can go to and from the airport on a private shuttle, so that you can go right to your private condo and head right back home.

If you are wondering where to go in Costa Rica, you can choose to travel by land or air. Rent a car or shuttle and go any place around Los Suenos. Or if you want to travel to another part of Costa Rica, ride in a private jet or helicopter and take in all the scenery to your destination and back.


The diamond concierge service also covers several activities. Touring, of course, is one major part of Costa Rica that many look forward to. Tortuga Island, Manuel Antonio, and other tours centered around rafting, ziplining, and horses, we can take you there and set you up for a day-long adventure with wilderness. Many tours last nine hours, while other last four and a half. Spend a spectacular day on an amazing tour and activity, and not on the road contemplating where to go.

You can also hit the links on the critically-acclaimed La Iguana golf course. Play 18 adventurous holes on one of the country’s most unique environments. Each hole is a sight to behold, and while there are no views of the ocean, at least you won’t lose your ball to the fish.


Our diamond concierge services in Los Suernos are well worth the money, as we provide everything you need to have an amazing time in Costa Rica without having to set off on our own. While you would certainly pay a lot of money for this service, it pays for nearly everything, including your rental, tours, food, activities, transportation, and much more. Consider our diamond concierge services and enjoy an unforgettable time in Costa Rica.

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