Our Staff

¨To be good at my job you don't have to be the best, you just have to hire the best¨
- Daniel L. Gaddu, CEO

Roberto Marín
Executive Assistant

"Attention in every detail is what makes us the best, that i can assure you.¨ 

Paulina Moisá

Senior Account Executive

¨My mission is to be your eyes and ears so that your only job is to come, and enjoy.¨

Fernanda Garcia

Junior Account Executive

¨Why are we the best? Simple, we choose proactivity over reactivity¨

Denis Hernandez
Director of Finance

¨Your assets are my priority, organization and transparency are my prerogative.¨

Ocean Plaza, Playa Herradura,Puntarenas. Costa Rica

Toll Free +1 866 525 2188 (USA|CAD)

Local Number +506 4001 1988 (CR)

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