Escape to a tranquil getaway in luxurious condominiums and private villas, where all your greatest needs are taken care of. Whatever you desire, CR Luxury guarantees you will be able to find the best Los Suenos

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¨I have been working and traveling non stop and I finally got a chance to come here and rest! No wonder they call this place los sueños, I had an amazing sleep.¨

Paul Rodriguez, Comedian and Actor.

¨Thanks to the whole CrLuxury team for making Los Sueños an unforgettable experience!¨


Aj Pierzynski, Catcher for the Boston Red Sox.

Celebrity Endorsements 

​¨We have all seen those places that look great online but then when you get there sometimes its not that rad. With this place that was not the case, this place is smoking!

Tommy Lee, Lead Drummer for Mötley Crëw

"I had an amazing time! Loved every moment, I will definitely be coming again."


Anthony Rizzo, First Baseman for the Chicago Cubs.

Ocean Plaza, Playa Herradura,Puntarenas. Costa Rica

Toll Free +1 866 525 2188 (USA|CAD)

Local Number +506 4001 1988 (CR)

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